A home to opinions

This topic has much debate and many opinions are widely available.
For example, I heard someone say “It’s the concoctions of the elite as leverage to change policies”. Or even better, “The weather hasn’t changed. It’s the same just as I was a kid. So climate change isn’t real”. Is this topic really a home to opinions? I don’t think persuading the en masses to pick a side has real meaning without real facts.

Data holds truth

Climate change has many facts. It’s very easy to tear these opinions down. All you need is data. In fact, data like metrics and measurements are reliable when they are from untampered resources. A field scientist who has been studying local weather patterns may notice a slight trend in increasing temperature rise based off of real data points collected from his machines. This data holds truth and is actionable without the guesswork. A key example of reliable facts is visible on NASA’s Climate Change and Global Warming Vital Signs page. https://climate.nasa.gov/ The web page graphs the changes of the Arctic ice minimum, carbon dioxide levels, ice sheets, growing sea level, and the rising global temperature. All five of these data points directly correlate with a changing climate. Even further, more factual information, articles, and published papers can be found under the summary of climate change on Wikipedia. More than 120+ articles retaining factual information are cited at the bottom of the wiki.

Politics and emotions

It’s really up to you to decide whom and what you retrieve information. Sometimes that information is misguided and intentionally fed in snippets. As long as you compile your answers from many different resources and cross-reference the true and false facts. It’s much easier not to be absorbed into the land of politics and played emotions.